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LA Girl Pro Concealers: Porcelain, Creamy Beige, Toast and Orange Corrector

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Concealer is the one thing in my makeup bag that I shouldn't run out of. I have extremely dark undereye circles. Some of my friends even call me goth because my dark circles look like smudged black eyeliner lol. To add insult to injury, I'm anemic so having dark circles makes me look extra worn out.

For this review, I'll be talking about LA Girl Pro Concealers. They have new shades, namely Porcelain, Light Ivory, Mahogany, Green, Yellow and Orange color correctors. I have Porcelain, Creamy Beige, Toast and the orange corrector. 

Quick description: 8 grams of liquid concealer with a brush applicator. I bought these for Php 120 online and they sell these for Php 299 (limited shades) in SM department stores & LA Girl kiosks in the Philippines. (US$1=Php 45-46).

Here is a thorough description of the 4 shades I have and some swatches.

Swatch time! Take note, I used very little concealer here, just one tiny squeeze so my swatches appears dry on the picture.

With Flash:

Porcelain: Porcelain is their lightest concealer shade. If this is too dark for you, then probably other concealer brands will do. This has a neutral undertone so it has neither yellow or pink undertones. I tried this alone on my dark circles and as an NC25 girl, Porcelain can make your undereye area look ashy. I use this to lighten Creamy Beige and to brighten my nose bridge and brow bone. 

Creamy Beige: This is the perfect shade for me. It merges into my skin tone well and brightens up my undereye area without looking garish. I bought Porcelain as a highlighter by mixing it with Creamy beige. This shade has warm undertones. It's not exactly yellow, but more like yellowish peach. On very fair skin, this may look a bit orange. See my full review on Creamy Beige HERE. As of writing, I learned that my Creamy Beige concealer is almost 1 year old (bought September 2014). Very economical indeed.

Toast: Toast is a slightly warm shade for me. On the tube, it looks neutral but when swatched, it gives a slightly warm deep brown shade. I couldn't pick up any green tones with Toast.  I use this to contour my nose because my sweaty nose washes away powder bronzers easily. When spread, I could really notice the warmth, although thankfully, Toast doesn't appear orange on me.

Orange Corrector: This orange corrector is a deep, carrot orange corrector. The swatch can be overwhelming at first, but just think of this: you can mix this one with your typical concealer to create a salmon concealer! I personally prefer using this by itself then topping it of with Creamy Beige. I recommend applying this AFTER foundation because in my experience, the foundation just spreads this all over my cheeks. Another reason is this orange corrector doesn't set very well. It lasts longer when applied after foundation. This is my first color corrector. Before, I use a creamy persimmon lipstick. It worked ok but it was quite waxy even after spreading it so I had to blot it with tissue. Overall I'm pleased with LA Girl Pro conceal orange corrector, even though it didn't entirely neutralize my undereye circles.

This is my attempt in testing the orange corrector topped with Creamy Beige. As you can see, you can still trace my undereye circles, but the discoloration has improved.


Will I buy again? Most probably yes, but as usual, I'm willing to try other concealers. For now, I'm satisfied with these. Good buy.

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